A Transformative partnership built to amplify Black voices and empower Black talent.

Citing the continued struggle with the lack of representation of Black talent and voices in the creative industries, Blacktag has entered into a multi-faceted partnership with Versus.

Through this new relationship, Versus will add Blacktag’s carefully curated roster of creatives, directors, editors, designers, and artists to its creative and production capabilities, and Blacktag will leverage Versus ecosystem to expand its mission to drive investment, opportunity, and economic power for Black creators.
Ashley Champ,
Blacktag Head of Growth and Partnerships:

"Versus has been authentic in supporting Blacktag’s mission since day one.

This partnership aims to place our network of Black creators in front of a larger audience and provide brands and agencies another avenue to fulfill their commitments to diversity and inclusion."

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"Through this partnership, we will be able to pair Versus’ ability to craft stories, build valuable IP and scale niche movements with Blacktag’s innate understanding of Black creative power."

- Arie Esiri, Head of Development, Blacktag Studios.
"Black artists are the drivers of culture and having access to bigger platforms will better help amplify these creatives and their incredible work."

- Modi Oyewole, Creative Executive, Community Builder,
and Blacktag Creator.
"Versus was built to do things differently. This partnership with Blacktag amplifies that approach, and with projects already in development, we're witnessing the power it has in driving cultural change"

- Justin Barnes, ECD and founding partner, Versus
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